1950 Elizabeth Weaver

This photo is Elizabeth Weaver, pictured as a baby in 1950. Elizabeth who lived on Victoria Street at the time said, “This is me in the pram at Victoria St. The bear was made by a German prisoner of war (from army blankets, so he was a bit rough, but much loved)”

This nostalgic, special moment in time is shared here with kind thanks.

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Brian Weaver That must be about 1948 and I remember that bear well!
Lillias Addison Hi Elizabeth great picture I think we all have similar ones stored in boxes in cupboards,what a momentous ,a bear made from a prisoner of war.
Gord Fotheringham Like the message basket in front
Mary Kane Mary Sitters is Elizabeth Weaver related to you on your dad’s side – William Scott?
IrenePaul ScottSmith Yes Mary Kane, Elizabeth Weaver is our first cousin. Her Mum, Jean was our Dad’s wee sister.
Mary Kane That’s lovely to know. Another connection to Blantyre. Xxx

Morag Campbell Elizabeth Weaver what a gateway story! Do you still have the bear?

Elizabeth Weaver No I don’t. I had him until the 80s when someone else decided that he was too old and battered to keep – and by the time I realised, it was too late. That photo is all the more precious to me.

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