Andrew Little Retires, 1979


1979 Andrew Little wmAnother well known businessman decided to retire in mid February 1979, rather than be relocated. The re-development of Glasgow Road saw many people simply close up shop and retire rather than be moved. One of those people was well known, Andrew Little.

Andrew’s family business closed its doors for the last time on 16th February 1979 at 4pm.

Little’s Bakers at 200 Glasgow Road had been trading for just over 51 years, since 1927. Andrew Little of 3 Church Street is pictured here on his last day, retiring aged 72. His sons, James (left) and William (right) are also pictured behind him and had both worked with Andrew since leaving school.

Mr Little started work as a baker in Carluke in 1920. Learning his trade, he came to Blantyre and opened his shop in 1927. The bakery out back had a little claim to fame. Although it was closed at the time of this picture, it had one of the oldest coal fired ovens in Scotland and its old, original stone floor was more than a hundred years old.

Mr Little took time upon his retirement to thank all his customer over the years. It is safe to say that people were especially upset to see the close of this business, a loss of perhaps the best rolls in Lanarkshire.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Mary Crowe Best rolls ever, nothing has come close since.

John Cornfield My god the rolls were good especially when still warm

Maureen Mccallum My mum was a district nurse in Blantyre and she would go for Littles rolls in the morning before she started .I have never tasted anything like them they were delicious
Anne Ellis Littles and Collins were the best
Jacqueline Muir Yes best rolls ever

George Crossan Used to get rolls on the way home from night shift put them inside my coat kept me warm till I got home 😂

Liz Jack Best rolls ever went round the back at night when coming home from the dancing at the co hall memories 😁😁😁
Cullen Shaw Lived in 7 Station Rd from 1964-76. Littles & Collins rolls were to die for!
Jackie MacDonald Nothing today cones even close to those Rolls he made. Could eat them all day long with Lurpack on them.
Anne Marie Murray Mr Little James still staying in Hamilton. We are friends with his daughter Jane..
Drew Semple we..(JDS Domestic Appliances)took over the shop later in the same year.We took it on a month to month lease from Hamilton council up until Asda was about ready.We got first option of the shops at the front,the rent being,if i remember around £500 per month,we were paying £15 per week!!!!…needless to say we passed on it.The bakehouse was still standing at the time,and for a bakers,there were no toilets in the property!!.of the shops at the front,the rent being,if i remember around £500 per mSee more
Blantyre Project 1970s Andrew Little’s Bakehouse beside Glasgow Rd. Shared by G Cook
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Margaret Mary OSullivan Yes, the rolls were brilliant. As a small child, however, snowballs were my absolute favourite. In the centre, instead of jam, Little’s snowballs had a layer of icing! Yummy!
Margaret Liddle Remember it well.

Janette Brown Cream horns yum

Drew Fisher Fantastic to read much appreciation of Little’s rolls, they were brilliant! Why can’t we get such quality rolls today at a reasonable cost? Or have we just ‘progressed’?
Lynn Anderson Best rolls ever

Sally Jamieson There was nothing better than a Little’s roll.

Jane Paterson Littles rolls were the best especially if they were still warm and a bit of lurpak butter
Anne Callaghan Loved his sugared scones – delicious 😋

Maureen Hawthorne Used to go there with my nana for cakes, loved that wee shop,

Gord Fotheringham A dizen rolls on a Saturday morning….they were finished by lunch ….who would have the recipe for those magical rolls….

Anne Marie Murray Mr Little stays in Hamilton. I take it he will still have all his recipes..

Hazel McKay Family secret 🤫

Marie Mc Millan My dad always got them in morning and were always warm love them Jane Maxwell I loved their rolls still miss them no one makes them quite the same.

Jane Maxwell I loved their rolls still miss them no one makes them quite the same.

Jane Maxwell I would get them in the morning to take to work. My friends at work asked me if l could get some for them as well they loved them just as much as l did.

Jane Maxwell I would get them in the morning to take to work. My friends at work asked me if l could get some for them as well they loved them just as much as l did.

Ann Hartman Dad brought some home from night shift kept them tea towel for us getting up had with jam.or butter for breckie before school magic nothing like them theses days unfortunately would love to have one right now salivating just thinking about them

Margaret Mary OSullivan So lovely that your Dad did that.❤️

Anne Grogan Loved their rolls and snowballs, best in town.

Carole M Castle My mum used to walk from High Blantyre just to get Littles rolls and snowballs they were the best snowballs x
Henry Hambley I agree with all the preceding comments: Little’s rolls were unsurpassed Marian Maguire Good bakers, my husband remembers them.
Lainey McGuckin A Little’s roll with a Craig’s steak slice sausage just totally delish 😋

Liz Anderson Littles rolls, haven’t been matched by anyone yet, we used to fight to go early in the morning, cos if we bumped into our uncle James (James Connor) he would not only pay for the rolls and let you keep the money, but he would treat you to a creamed horn! Rolls shoved up yer jook keeping you warm and eating your creamed horn on the way home……..pure magic! X

Sandra Laird Littles rolls and sweeneys sliced sausage.. Fab
Marilyn Muir Snowballs were delicious 😋
Libby Moffat Loved this shop the the rolls and cones loved the smell when going by to school x

Jeanette Allardyce Ward It was always queues out the door. Best rolls and tattie scones in Blantyre x

Sadie Nicholl Best rolls ever xxxx

Jim McSorley They were indeed the best rolls. Better than the co bakers

Hazel McKay My great grandpa, grandpa and great uncle

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