1979 Alistair Lawrie on Bagpipes


1979 Alistair Lawrie on bagpipes

Residents in Kirkwall Avenue, Priory Bridge must have been a very patient bunch in 1979.

Every night at number 1 Kirkwall Avenue, comes the sound of bagpipes….played by beginners! Alistair Lawrie who lived there (certainly in April 1979) worked during the day as a salesman for Heinz Foods, but at night he did something different by teaching bagpipes. He’s pictured here giving a demonstration to two pupils.

Gary Dewar, left a Canadian student of medicine and Andy Davidson , a food salesmen pictured on the right seem to be enjoying themselves!

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Sandy Wilkie It’s true, I remember!
Emma Reilly Nichola Hardie is this your uncle?

Nichola Hardie Ha it is – not my real uncle, he’s my dad’s friend!

Alistair Lawrie Alistair Lawrie still lives at 1 Kirkwall ave, but I stopped playing the pipes about ten years ago. Thanks for the memory.

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