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Greenhall Conifer Woods – Farewell

Twenty two local residents turned up today, Sunday 13th August 2017 to bid their collective farewell to the Greenhall Conifers, which are scheduled to be felled from tomorrow. The successful walk through the woods down to Milheugh and back was well attended by families and the weather thankfully stayed dry. The event, organised jointly by […]

1917 Somewhere in High Blantyre

  This photo postcard is one hundred years old. It’s certainly dated from 1917 for on the back it simply says “Somewhere in High Blantyre”. Very faintly at the top right is the pencil word, “Scot” which may or may not be relevant. Shared by Gordon Cook, the picture presented several mysteries in both who is […]

James Wells passion for trees

James Wells was born in Blantyre in 1859 in Shuttle Row, Low Blantyre. Despite having famous neighbours in David Livingstone’s family, the Wells family up and left Blantyre in 1865, forsaking the mills and seeking adventure and a more prosperous life in New Zealand. Settling in Whangarei, the family carved out their own new lives […]