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Story of the Memorial to David Livingstone – 3a Next Steps

Continuing a look at how Shuttle Row became the Museum for David Livingstone. An account written in 1940s remembers back to the efforts of the 1920s and how the transformation came about. “Preliminary matters having been this happily settled, our next action was to appoint an Organising Secretary, under whose guidance our formidable financial task […]

Story of the Memorial to David Livingstone – 1 A Humble Start

Continuing the story of how Shuttle Row was transformed into a museum in the 1920s. Transcribed from the 1940s as follows: “The buildings that now form the Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone were, with many others, erected about 1785 to house the employees of the Blantyre Cotton Spinning Works, one of the first experiments […]

Story of the Memorial to David Livingstone – Foreword

Things are changing in Blantyre with the imminent re-opening of Shuttle Row Museum rebranded now as David Livingstone Birthplace. Over the next couple of weeks, to celebrate the re-opening I’ll be telling the story in detail of how the Museum came about, charting its successes and struggles, archiving in writing how it looked and what […]