Summer in Stonefield Public Park


2015 Stonefield Public Park

2015 Stonefield Public Park (PV)

I may go on a little about how beautiful the Public Park used to be at Stonefield. Sometimes, its good to take a step back and note at certain times, the park still IS very beautiful. It may not have all the trellises and rose gardens of the 1950s and 60s, but it does have some nice semi mature trees, which can be especially beautiful in full bloom, like this photo in Summer.

A reminder, Blantyre does have some attractive green, park spaces within our town and its not all doom and gloom.

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Thomas Barrett Walked through there yesterday had to turn back because the path was flooded neglect.

Trisha Mcginty I can remember the toilets they’re 2?

Orlando Ancilotti To be fair, the councils don’t have the money to deliver the services they used to, and they’re having to cut more. Maybe an increase in local taxation would allow us to have the services we want?

The Blantyre Project theres a leaflet coming through the doors in Blantyre outlining what the council are going to cut in 2016. Its a REAL shocker and worth a read. There’s going to be protests galore when people realise just what services are about to end or be seriously reduced.

Orlando Ancilotti I saw it. It’s tragic, there’s nothing left to cut.

Jimmy Whelan Yes it is the councils fault as they don’t give a toss about Blantyre. If it were Rutherglen (Eddie McAvoys ward) or Bothwell it would be well looked after, you just need to look at past history. Parks are all under used, give them to community groups if they can’t or won’t upkeep them and let them control them.

Joe Liz Mcdade I remember the pool lovely and blue and the one with boats in it was a lovely park
John Allan Plenty money for Bothwell main street flower beds

Margaret Brown Burns I remember the perfume of the wallflower ,the drinking fountains and the wee pavilion on the left hand side going towards the gate to station road. Happy days

Elaine Hunter We used to love getting a shot in the paddle boats on the lake when I was a wee girl

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