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1982 Stonefield Park

Staying with 1982 in this post, these photos show Stonefield Public Park. Even then, the park still had trellises, the boating pond and looks well kept with grass attended to often. Pride in the park was certainly still there and whilst the beautiful flowerbeds of the 1950s and 1960s were mostly gone, there were still […]

1982 Stonefield Park

From 1982, showing the completed soft and hard landscaping at Stonefield Public Park. New brick planters with shrubs and trees, this was a first, making the view from Glasgow Road green! A far cry from the tenements from only a few years before. The concrete slabs and bricks was never very pretty, although i quite […]

1982 Landscaping the Park

The exact date is known as 13th July 1982. A new looking sports centre and Clydeview Shopping Centre with landscaping works started. Who remembers the original landscaping which looked like this? An attempt at creating a focal point for the newly developed Glasgow Road, this “dip” was eventually filled in. Makes me wonder if this […]

1950 High Blantyre Park Pool

Elizabeth Weaver shared this beautiful photo, a first time certainly I’ve ever seen the former Paddling Pool at High Blantyre Park. (Kirkton Park). Located near the entrance to Broompark Avenue, the paddling pool I believe was built in the 1940s, though this photo dates around 1950. The houses at Broompark Avenue are in the background. […]