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1981 Gala Floats

Lets go to 1981 next. These decorated floats for ‘Robertsons of Springwell’ headed along Glasgow Road that summer to the Gala in the park. A trip that must have felt quite strange given the demolition of many of the tenements. Lorna Rarity shared them added, “My mum found these of Gala day. Thought you could […]

Park Bothy, 2000

Who remembers the Park ‘Bothy’? It’s been gone for 2 decades. Here it is in its final months back in 2000. A large, redundant store, prone to being broken into….often! It certainly didn’t look so great and for many….people were pleased to see it go. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by […]

Former Stonefield Playpark

More photos from 2000. Pictured again in Stonefield Public Park is the former playpark equipment. These swings, climbing frames and see-saws had been there for several decades, but by the Millennium , as you can see they had seen better days. In the background is Woodburn Avenue. This playpark was near the Station Road entrance […]

End of the Boating Pond

In the immediate Post Millennium years, the derelict boating pond in Stonefield Public Park had become a liability for the council. Needing cleaned out on a regular basis, it was completely unused. Looking back on this former pond two decades later, I cant help but wonder if it could have been used for summer and […]

Kirkton Park, 2000

Staying with the Millennium year 2000, here’s Kirkton Park (High Blantyre Park). Before the current zipwire and play equipment was installed, the central large, open field was underused, and often too marshy to play football on. Further up, near the trees at the seats, even 2 decades ago as pictured then, it was regularly an […]

Punks Rampage in the Park

In May 1980, Hamilton District Court heard how revellers to Blantyre’s Summer Gala in 1979 were left terrified as punks ran amock through the community day, spoiling it for many families. They ran through the fairground at Stonefield Public Park stealing candyfloss from children, pulling one youth to the ground and kicking him. Families scattered […]