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Punks Rampage in the Park

In May 1980, Hamilton District Court heard how revellers to Blantyre’s Summer Gala in 1979 were left terrified as punks ran amock through the community day, spoiling it for many families. They ran through the fairground at Stonefield Public Park stealing candyfloss from children, pulling one youth to the ground and kicking him. Families scattered […]

1985 Paddling pool

To be published on 13th February 2019 Catherine Campbell shared this cheeky photo with us. It was taken in Stonefiel Public park in July 1985 and is of course at the former children’s wading pool. Catherine told me, “My son Mark is pictured. It was a hot summer that year we immigrated to Australia the […]

High Blantyre Cemetery

  How about this for an amazing picture! It’s actually a postcard from around 1904 showing of course the entrance to High Blantyre Cemetery. Postcard 374 Published by Mrs J Wishart of High Blantyre. The Cemetery is pristine Well kept graves, gravestones all in good repair, benches for sitting to reflect or mourn. An iron […]

Youngs at the Falls

JJ Young, one of the readers of this page watched the cine films I put up in Summer and enjoyed particularly the ones with children playing at the falls. It brought back memories and coincided with a more recent family event. For, JJ’s own sons recently recreated that scene by jumping into the Milheugh Falls […]