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1979 Demolition of Glasgow Rd

  What a different 70 years makes. These photos are of the same viewpoint, but taken 70 years apart. In 1979, the demolition of the Victoria Cafe is underway in this photo with quite a shocking lapse of safety, simply asking people to stand back. Courtesy of James McGuire’s collection, this is Glasgow Road at […]

Blantyre Vics, Cup winners 1893

  This incredible high resolution photograph is of Blantyre Victoria (Vics) Football Club. Taken at the end of their award winning 1892 – 1893 season, incredibly the Blantyre photo is 122 years old! When Jack Bethel asked if I would like to scan a copy of it, I was excited to see all the people […]

Salvation Army Citadel, Blantyre

Nobody appears to have written about the Salvation Army Citadel before, so I thought I would put a little fact and  detail to it. Pictured here in an aerial photo from 1955 is The Salvation Army Building, nicknamed, “The Citadel”. Actually, the name Citadel applied to most Salvation Army headquarters buildings. Located at the top , […]