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Blantyre who’s who

  This next photo read like a real ‘who’s who’ of Blantyre business. Ian Robb of Spittal Farm, Jackie Evans the Bookie, Peter Wilkie of Birdsfield, Davy Scott Ice Cream man of Tony Valerio (Victoria Cafe latterly owned by Bill Skouse), Archie Struthers of Shott Farm and Jock Young mechanic from the garage attached to […]

1979 Demolition of Glasgow Rd

  What a different 70 years makes. These photos are of the same viewpoint, but taken 70 years apart. In 1979, the demolition of the Victoria Cafe is underway in this photo with quite a shocking lapse of safety, simply asking people to stand back. Courtesy of James McGuire’s collection, this is Glasgow Road at […]