Football Crowd mown down at Forrest Street


1955 Castle Park, Forrest Street

1955 Castle Park, Forrest Street

On Saturday 26th November 1932, one man was killed and 5 people injured when a car collided with a group of football supporters on their way to the Blantyre Vics game at Castle Park.

A motorcar had swerved on to the pavement at the junction of Glasgow Road and Forrest Street, to avoid colliding with a double decker bus carrying the Strathclyde Football team, who were to play the Vics at that location, that same day. A general stampede followed, the pedestrians all on their way to the game but the car ploughed into the back of them. The car continued on down the pavement, crashing and coming to a stop against the gable end of a property on Forrest Street.

The car was owned by Alexander White Bone, a clerk from Motherwell. He was not injured, but his sister who had been sitting beside him, was thrown through the windscreen, suffering cuts to her head. The injured were immediately carried into a chemist’s shop nearby, and, until the arrival of doctor, valuable assistance was rendered by Mr Gavin Paterson, the trainer of the Strathclyde team. The six injured people were then taken to hospital, but Mr John Corrigan, an aged man of 104 Forrest Street later died just before midnight from his injuries. Pictured in 1955, is Forrest Street, the entrance to Castle Park and the suspected property that the car came to rest against.

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