Blantyre Vics, Cup winners 1893


1893 Blantyre Vics Football Club. Shared by J Bethel

1893 Blantyre Vics Football Club. Shared by J Bethel

This incredible high resolution photograph is of Blantyre Victoria (Vics) Football Club. Taken at the end of their award winning 1892 – 1893 season, incredibly the Blantyre photo is 122 years old!

When Jack Bethel asked if I would like to scan a copy of it, I was excited to see all the people named on the photo too! A rare thing to happen for such an old photo, which was developed by Sharps of Hamilton. Thanks to Jack.

It looks likely to have been taken near Glasgow Road itself. The building in the background appears to have steps leading up to an upper level on the left hand side and could possibly by the back of one of the buildings at Harts Laun, further along the road near Greenside Street. Another reason I think this photo was taken near that location, is that Cosy Corner landlord W Davidson is pictured on the far right, still wearing his apron! He would only have needed to have stepped outside his door for the photo opportunity and may have been hosting the after ceremony celebrations for the team and their families. It’s not too far from Forrest Street at the Vics Park. The Livingstonian Pub wasn’t there yet at the top of Forrest Street, for at that time it was still the Masonic Lodge.

1898 Cosy Corner Pub Map

The photo was taken on occasion of the Vics winning the Larkhall Junior League as part of the Cambuslang District Cups Tournament. I have also attached another photo I put through photoshop, numbering and naming all 18 people in this photo.

1893 Blantyre vics named

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