Forrest Street Aerial Photo 1955

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 16.26.30Thank you to the Historic Hamilton page, who kindly emailed me this great 1955 Aerial photo of Forrest Street. Pictured is Blantyre Engineering Works at the top left. At the bottom left is Castle Park, the home to Blantyre Vics and separating the two properties is the small lane that led to John Street.

This is about two thirds of the way down Forrest Street. Craighead Rows are just out the picture to the right, as was the Oil Works.

I read a report recently about how Castle Park were pioneering in the area by laying sleepers down in the 1930’s, as early raised terraces, something that can be seen to good effect in this photo.

I know that some of the readers of this page, once lived in these houses, so hopefully this picture is of particular interest to them.

The group photo is believed to be residents of Forrest Street and nearby Craighead Rows, although the date is unknown.

On social media:

Wullie Bell great picture i would have been 6

Elizabeth Weaver Is that an Auchinraith Primary photograph?

The Blantyre Project it may well be. I’d imagine some of the residents of Craighead would have attended Auchinraith, but cant confirm it. Location is unknown.

Elizabeth Weaver I’ll see if any of my friends recognise it. George MackenzieIain McalpineViolet Elder – any idea who these children are? Could it be Auchinraith?

Violet Elder Sorry Betty, don’t know where this is.

George Mackenzie Me too Betty – only the front row look age for Auchinraith but don’t recognise any of themViolet Elder The girl second on the left, back row, looks familiar.

Elizabeth Weaver I thought that too, Vi – and the girl next to her at the end also looks familiar. So frustrating…

Sheena Thomson The back row look to old to be primary school!

Elizabeth Weaver Yeah, you’re right, Sheena. Also I don’t recognise the teachers as being from Auchinraith.
Craighead and Forrest Street residents 1955

Craighead and Forrest Street residents 1955

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