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1978 Central Co-op Premises

  Pictured here in 1978 on Glasgow Road are the old tenements and hall which accommodated Blantyre Central Co-op. This was a former 2-storey stone built building at the west corner of the junction of Herbertson Street and Glasgow Road. Constructed started in 1915 and it opened in February 1917. The Co-op building was built on top […]

William Small – Trade Unionist

  I’ve seen a few inaccurate reports about Mr. William Small, the trade unionist, largely due to errors and misunderstandings because his son was ALSO a trade unionist called William B Small. I’ve set out to make a correct entry online about William Small, as follows: Small Mr. William – b1845 – d1903 was a […]

1979 Demolition of Glasgow Rd

  What a different 70 years makes. These photos are of the same viewpoint, but taken 70 years apart. In 1979, the demolition of the Victoria Cafe is underway in this photo with quite a shocking lapse of safety, simply asking people to stand back. Courtesy of James McGuire’s collection, this is Glasgow Road at […]