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David Livingstone bridge in Water

  When the day of the demolition of the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge arrived in May 1999, it was found after cutting the main supports that the contractors could not pull it fully down. The attempt was abandoned and the next day further acetylene burning tools arrived to weaken the bridge sufficiently into smaller sections […]

1999 Livingstone Memorial Bridge Demolished

I was looking through more old photos yesterday. Here’s another cracking new picture for you….. a little piece of Blantyre history in time! From 1999, the former David Livingstone Memorial Bridge, pulled down and looking demolished in a sorry state, lying in the River Clyde!! The bridge didn’t come down properly and excavators had to […]

1952 David Livingstone Memorial Bridge

Pictured here in 1952 is the opening of the second bridge at Blantyre Works. The first suspension bridge had lasted almost a hundred years and closed in 1949. The black and white photo shows councillors opening the bridge, which is the previous bridge to the current one.¬†Built in 1952 by Architects and Engineers Bone, Connell […]