1999 Livingstone Memorial Bridge Demolished

I was looking through more old photos yesterday. Here’s another cracking new picture for you….. a little piece of Blantyre history in time!

1999 David Livingstone Bridge in water wm

From 1999, the former David Livingstone Memorial Bridge, pulled down and looking demolished in a sorry state, lying in the River Clyde!!

The bridge didn’t come down properly and excavators had to attend to further unexpected work at either river bank.

Whats your memories of the old bridge (before the current one?)

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Nina Muir Great photo!
Alan Craig Moved near the David Livingstone Centre in 2000. So I didn’t see it but was it at the same location as the bridge beside the centre?
Blantyre Project yes, new bridge was built same location.
Alan Craig Who’d have guessed Tom had no intelligence to answer a simple question lol… thank you captain hindsight πŸ˜‰
Frances Maguire My mum isn’t keen on it when it moves lol
Blantyre Project definitely springy, though not quite as much as the one in this river.
Alison Walker-Hill Even as a child, you could make it bounce and shake by jumping in the middle!!
John Cornfield In 75 I was in a mini driven over this bridge to escape three chasing cars let’s just say I was a bit of a rascal it wasn’t the cops that were chasing us
Ceira Lennon That story sounds familiar you didn’t know my dad did you haha
John Cornfield What’s his name ?
Ceira Lennon Martin lennon
John Cornfield Ceira Lennon yes I knew him he wasn’t in the mini with me tho
The mini was the only car small enough to go over it πŸ˜‚
Ceira Lennon I’ve heard of the mini driving over the old Bridge lol. X
John Bubba Cairns Ffs da wit ye like
Orlando Ancilotti A Fiat 500 fitted too…
Marc Moran I mind ma da telling me about that
Maria Pedersen This also happened in the early 60s. My mum was a passenger in a mini that was driven over the old bridge.
John Cornfield Also when going doon the dam for a swim we would shake the bridge backwards and forwards and have climbed up the supporting tower from ground onto bridge b
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i remember it well, i used to take my son fishing down there, and we always jumped in the middle to make the bridge swing lol
Mary Gemmell Sutherland I remember the science teacher at Blantyre High school driving across it in her mini! Can’t remember her name but we called her Lizzie test tube! πŸ˜†
Peter Murray It was lizzie byres (test tube)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Collette Maguire Gardiner Loved getting to middle then jumping up and down with boys
Rita Calder My brothers girlfriend lived in Bothwell, she had a bubble car and drove over that bridge frequently to see Robert.
Elspeth Mcgregor Went every Sunday over the bridge past my Aunt’s house in Bothwell then got the bus to Uddingston to visit my other Aunts and my grandmother. X
John Latimer I remember crossing it as a kid when my uncle took me and my brother’s out looking for chessies.
Jim McSorley The girls from Elmwood school would walk the bridge daily.
Isabel Mcneily I cycled or walked over that bridge twice a day going to Elmwood. (Isabel Clarkin)
Bernadette Mcparland Many a.morning i walked that bridge to Elmwood when i missed.the school.bus.
Ian Maurice Did you build that Jim?
Archie Peat I lived in the Station Rd pre-fabs , though the bridge was officially opened in 1953 by Cllr. John Mann , us kids had been back and forwards over the bridge for 3 months with the consent of the riggers for whom we used to run ” messages “
Tom Loggie I can remember paying halfpenny to over the old suspension biridge.
There was a wee single hut at the Blantyre side with a wee man that took the money a penny for an adult a halfpenny for children,happy memories.
Kenneth Faulds Me and My Dad walked over the bridge very often in the 70s&80s
Elizabeth Bradley I crossed that bridge twice a day going to Elmwood it was new then. Betty Clarkin
Teresa McKinnon Every day doon the dandy to davie livvies and over the bridge to school and then back again after schoolπŸ˜€
Kieran McCormack Hopping over missing sleepers on the old bridge
Annette McMahon Cambridge Used to bounce all the way across because it moved was brilliant
Eddie Mcguire Climbed the bridge I used to walk the bridge but not the footpath the top end to end beams were about 10inch wide not the only one to do it from. The village mental lol
Catherine Murphy I walked over the bridge every day with my dad and my sister when we worked in Honeywells in Uddingston.

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