1952 David Livingstone Bridge


1952 July David Livingstone Bridge wmA fabulous picture of the construction on the former David Livingstone Memorial Bridge. Taken by the father of Anthony Smith in July 1952, Anthony is pictured here with his brother and mother at the River Clyde. The bridge is being built in the background, spanning Blantyre to Bothwell.

The bridge was roughly in the same position as the current bridge today but only lasted until 1999.

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William Mullen zaks maw ??
Anthony Smith YES.That’s him on the left.
William Mullen cheers tony
Jim Donnelly Sure i’ve got photos lying about somewhere of this being demolished,i covered it for the Hamilton Advertiser at the time.
Isabel Mcneily Cycled over it many times going yo school
Henry Hambley A great bridge to walk over with ‘inbuilt’ bounce !



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