1966 David Livingstone Bridge

1966 David Livingstone Memorial Bridge, The Village (PV)

1966 David Livingstone Memorial Bridge, The Village (PV)

Until very recently I only had a poor photocopy of this picture, but have now come into possession of an excellent scanned, high resolution image of the postcard. As such, I’d like to show it again here, replacing the poor image i showed back in December 2012.

I think the postcard dates to 1966, although postcard enthusiasts may be able to confirm or tell me otherwise. Pictured from the Blantyre side is the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge (the one previous to the current bridge). Built and opened in 1952, it spanned the River Clyde from Blantyre to Bothwell. I’m sure this scene will be familiar to very many people in Blanyre. The current bridge is in the same location, the wages office building for the Village Works, before its modern renovation. What are your memories of this bridge?

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  • Anne Callaghan Used to walk over the bridge to school when I missed the bus – want the only one too lol
  • Joe Reid We used to jump and down in the middle of it and you could feel the thing move.
  • Elizabeth Weaver Our parents used to walk us to Bothwell (from Victoria Street) from when we were tiny – when I got tired (aged 3!), I was allowed to sit on the pram seat for a while – no wonder we slept well at night. This bridge was an exciting part of the walk – we always stopped for a look at the river on the way.  When we were older, we’d walk this way on Friday evenings in summer with our father and uncle – lured along by promises of a small bar of chocolate when we got to the bridge. Happy days.
  • Brian Weaver Happy Days,  I was always dead beat by the time we got there and the walk back up to Victoria St was a nightmare! Did we once return by the viaduct or did I dream that?
  • Marian Haddy i didnt know u had any connection to bothwell brian. i went to elmwood seconary in the early 60,s . often went over the bridge to spend my dinner money on sweets at the newsagents. small world eh
  • Brian Weaver My cousins Jean and Margaret Doherty went to Elmwood, Marian. I worked in Livingston Memorial when I was at school. Lanarkshire is a small place!
  • Patricia Bolton Crossed the bridge lots of times. Grandfather lived in Rosebank Ave.
  • Margaret Stewart Worked in the Griffen hotel now known as the Bothwell bridge part time and my father used to walk me over the bridge and come back and get me later at night.
  • Anne Quinn Worked in Silvertrees Hotel used to walk from high Blantyre then do shift and walk back couldn’t do it now .
  • Jane Scobbie Anne my mum worked as the cook at Silvertrees I can’t remember what the dates were. Nellie Scobbie used to have the Bakers shop in Stonefield Road next to Mickys. Can you remember her and did you work at the hotel with her???
  • Jessie Caldow I biked across it many times, starting at Burnbank, through High Blantyre to David Livingstone’s and across the bridge to Bothwell.
  • Isobel Paterson Oh had many a good play down there with the cast of Hillview dr , great memories !!
  • Aileen Hamilton Born in Viewfield Ave. 1945. Playing on the other side with my brothers and followed them onto the dam and fell, I must have been 5 at the time. Parents never knew anything about it as a neighbour brought me home, dried me off and sent me home.
  • Mary Boyle Walking over the bridge from Blantyre to Bothwell. Had Vimto & chips at a nearby cafe. What is the man doing in the photo? We’re there allotments nearby?

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  1. I can remember is used to sway side to side & i was terrified crossing it.

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