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William & Mary Calder

Eileen Cusack Ansell messaged Blantyre Project saying, “I cannot find the deaths for William Calder and Mary Johnston, my ancestors. I know they were in the 1851 census, but they were both deceased by the time their daughter Sarah married on December 31, 1860, which narrows down a death time between March 30/31, 1851 (when census was taken) […]

Suspension Bridge

  I was delighted to find this newspaper report from 1853, which provided a little more information on the arrival of the first Suspension Bridge at Blantyre Works. Can you imagine all those years ago, celebrating the arrival of an accessible Village bridge connecting Bothwell to Blantyre. From the ‘Scottish Guardian’ Newspaper on 22nd February […]

1890’s Blantyre School

  Taken from an old late Victorian ‘Magic Lantern’ show, this slide shows the former School at Blantyre works. Colourised, you can make out the building was heated by fires at either side, with a coal cellar hole clearly visible. I’m not sure how accurate this particular illustration is, for the doorway known to be […]