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High Blantyre Train Station 1930 vrs 2014

Pictured here in 1930 is High Blantyre Train Station looking northwards. The long shadows falling west, suggests the photo was taken one morning in that Winter. The signs say “Cross the Railway on the Bridge only” a drive towards removing the accidents that once frequented Blantyre’s railways from pedestrian traffic. The line curves over Main […]

High Blantyre Station

Pictured is High Blantyre Railway Station, just off Craigmuir Road. The railway stopped to foot passengers in 1945, but this photo dates a little earlier, possibly from 1930s. Photographed from the pedestrian bridge, the scene looks Southwards towards Sydes Brae. On the left you can see Craigmuir road rising gently, the Old Parish Church just […]

1962 Mary, Christine & Janet Baird

Jim Cochrane shared this photo adding, “My Great Granny and two of her sisters. Mary Baird, later Struthers standing at the back. She stayed in New street off Stonefield road. Christine Baird, later Carmicheal seated left. She stayed in Small Cresent.  Janet Baird (My Great Granny) seated right. She married Robert Main from Barnhill Farm […]

Sketch of High Blantyre Railway

Pictured here drawn in 1982 by A Lindsay, is a sketch of 1950’s High Blantyre Railway. The sketch incorporates the bridge in the foreground at Craigmuir Road and the railway heading round to the bridge at Sydes Brae. It may be that the artist felt the need to record this memory, for during those early […]