Greenhall Firing Range now

Before we leave the subject of the former Greenhall Firing Range, here are some modern photos of how it looks now.

In particular, the raised platform where the men fired their rifles from and also looking out across where the firing range was. Situated just off the Craigmuir right of way, not far from the ruins of Craigmuir Cottage, the mound is still apparent, manmade and enclosed by a stone wall, built in early 1867.

Some of the raised mound is now covered with gorse, but it’s not hard to picture where the men once stood upon to take their aim.

This is a little important piece of Blantyre history, now very much not talked about and forgotten. This old range almost always overlooked by memories of the more modern range at Dechmont. I hope these posts put it back in the spotlight.


With thanks to Alex Rochead and Gordon Cook for these photos.

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