High Blantyre Train Station 1930 vrs 2014

1930 High Blantyre Train Station

1930 High Blantyre Train Station

Pictured here in 1930 is High Blantyre Train Station looking northwards. The long shadows falling west, suggests the photo was taken one morning in that Winter.

The signs say “Cross the Railway on the Bridge only” a drive towards removing the accidents that once frequented Blantyre’s railways from pedestrian traffic. The line curves over Main Street and onward behind the Primary school at Hunthill Road. Some people have queried this picture in the past, and I’ve read incorrectly that its Low Blantyre, but the sign on my high resolution copy clearly says “High Blantyre” and the location is known to me from historical research. Built in 1863, closing in 1945 to pedestrians, the whole scene is perhaps one of the most radically different by comparison to today, in ALL of Blantyre. Indeed , from this modern photo i’ve attached, the scene now near Craigmuir is entirely different.

2015 Former High Blantyre Train Station location

2015 Former High Blantyre Train Station location

This subject of how Blantyre has changed is particularly interesting to me in recent months, for it is the subject of my next book. A different direction for me…. a publication called “Blantyre, – Now and then“. Coming in 2016, the book will be entirely pictorial with few words. In high resolution it will feature Blantyre’s old postcards and photos and my modern day equivalent, taken from exactly the same perspective in 2015. This type of book hasn’t been attempted before, so I’m intent on making it as large as possible with many hundreds of locations to capture change in our town. Unlike this google snapshot, the 2015 photos will be my own photographs.

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Brian Weaver I knew High Blantyre station well as we moved to Craigmuir Rd (no-one called it that!) in 1963. The station was disused by then but made a wonderful place to play on your bike. Though the rails had been removed, the platforms were still there as were some of the buildings. I used to ride my bike along the track to get to Sydes Brae.

John Mcnulty Obviously not Low Blantyre no Station St bridge

Helen Robb Can’t wait for this book Paul. Seeing how Blantyre has changed, will be totally fascinating, as there’s plenty of things before my time, such as this railway line. Xxx

Louise Walker Wish I go back miss Blantyre good times looks a lot changes

Barbara Kerr My house is first house on left hand side of car park.

Barbara Kerr Thank you for that. The history of my home

Jim Cochrane I used to walk to Calderside that way past the old goods yard and over the bridge and up the brickie before they built the expressway and the new houses.The hardest part was trying to cross the main road at the church .

Marian Maguire It would be fantastic if there still were a station in high Blantyre, it’s too far to walk if your older or have mobility problems.

Henry Hambley This is High Blantyre station without a doubt. I remember it from the late 1950s when my dad would sometimes take me there for our walk. Further towards Sydes Brae, you could see the old signal box and sidings. My father said the station was busy I doubt this since he mainly took the bus to get to school in Hamilton or to football. It would be so much easier to cross the road from Man’s Loan to bus stop at top of Auchinraith Road rather than walk up to High Blantyre Cross for the train.

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