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1962 Mary, Christine & Janet Baird

Jim Cochrane shared this photo adding, “My Great Granny and two of her sisters. Mary Baird, later Struthers standing at the back. She stayed in New street off Stonefield road. Christine Baird, later Carmicheal seated left. She stayed in Small Cresent.  Janet Baird (My Great Granny) seated right. She married Robert Main from Barnhill Farm […]

1967 High Blantyre Primary School Fire

On 17th November 1967, the High Blantyre Primary School in Hunthill Road went on fire. It is unknown if it was started deliberately or accidentally. (This school was also later known as “The Annexe”). Pictured here in a brief newspaper article, is a picture of three positively elated boys whom had just been told the […]