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Blantyreferme Colliery 1&2

Pictured here in 1946 is Blantyreferme Colliery. Former Blantyreferme colliery was  based not far from Newton but within Blantyre Parish and was owned by Ayrshire Company, A.G Moore & Co, (coalmasters). This scene is captured from the Clyde Bridges looking back over westwards to Blantyreferme colliery with the brickworks on the far right. The bings […]

Haughhead (Blantyreferme) Brickworks

Haughhead Brickworks were constructed around 1955. They were also known as Newton brickworks by some people as well as the name, Blantyre Ferme Brickworks. This may have confused visitors and locals, as there was a Newton and Blantyre Ferme brickworks not far from this location, albeit in different but nearby areas. Haughhead brickworks were certainly […]

Blantyreferme Brickworks – Machinery

Pictured here in 1955, courtesy of Alex Rochead are the large machines that were located inside the Haughhead (Blantyreferme) Brickworks. I’ve been looking into the machinery, what it was used for and whom it came from. In these photos, the machines are relatively new. The large engineering machinery was located in a brick built part […]