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1821 Calderwood Glen – Mary Paterson’s Sketch

In early May 2015, East Kilbride historian Chris Ladds, showed me a sketch that had ben sent to him that same month. Incredibly, the sketch dated in 1821 is approaching 200 years old and in colour, features Calderwood Glen. Drawn by a Mary Paterson, who allegedly was a nanny or teacher at Calderwood Castle, the […]

1877 Sightseers and the morning after

Blantyre Explosion – occurred on 22nd October 1877. That night the Herald reported, “the most grevious in Blantyre’s history, when fierce squalls of sleet and rain drove away the merely curious, but lowering under hedgerows or whatever slight shelter they could obtain, many anxious ones continued to hang about the scene, eager to receive any […]

Sketch of High Blantyre Railway

Pictured here drawn in 1982 by A Lindsay, is a sketch of 1950’s High Blantyre Railway. The sketch incorporates the bridge in the foreground at Craigmuir Road and the railway heading round to the bridge at Sydes Brae. It may be that the artist felt the need to record this memory, for during those early […]