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Clydesdale Bank Building

Clydesdale Bank Building    Known to be in Blantyre since at least 1879, the Clydesdale Bank was not in the 1875 valuation roll, but was in Naismith’s Directory of 1879, meaning a likely construction date between 1876 and 1878. Then known as the Clydesdale Banking Company, the business was founded in Glasgow in 1838 and […]

Clydesdale Bank, Blantyre

   By 1981, the Emporium was lying vacant and derelict, awaiting another use. It attracted the interest of the Clydesdale Bank in the early 1980’s, who were to move from their location further westwards to this more modern building. For nearly 4 decades, the Clydesdale Bank became a well-known feature in Blantyre at this location […]

Co-op Emporium, Blantyre

   After being vacant for over 2 decades, the space between Stonefield Tavern and the Co-op tall building was built upon again when the Blantyre Co-operative Society expanded their existing premises to the immediate west.    By 1954, the Co-op had acquired the vacant ground formerly the site of John Coats house and bake-house and […]