Glen Travel – on the move!

Over the last few months I’ve received many messages asking who is moving nto the old Clydesdale Bank Building in Glasgow Road, across from the top of Station Road.

Well, this week it was revealed that it’s none other than Blantyre long standing travel agency business, “Glen Travel”, something the business has now confirmed directly to me.

The Blantyre Travel Agency was established in 1973 by David Glen of Station Road with premises in Bellshill and along with staff moved into Clydeview Shopping Centre in the early 1980’s.

Since then, their successful business has prospered and with many more staff now employed, it was time for them to seek larger premises. Staying in the local area, a brand and name we’re all familiar with, Glen Travel are currently renovating the former Clydesdale Bank building, which closed last August.

The travel agents intend to move during early Summer, depending on work required to be done in the coming weeks. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Glen Travel the very best of success on the next stage of their business ventures.

On social media:

Robert Stewart I’m so disappointed. I was hoping for another bookies or tanning parlour or an Indian or Chinese carry oot shoap, a chippy 🐷🐷🐷
Ray Couston It looks like any business who get the chances to move away from Clydeview Shopping Centre now will do that. ASDA are ruthless by the sounds of it.

I wish Pappys smokehoose blantyre could’ve got the Clydesdale Bank building. They would’ve had enough room for a proper diner in there too. See more

Carol Crombie Much as I’m peed off at losing my local branch at least it’s being taken over by local business, always good to see.
Andy Lynch I still think of this as the co op
Stephen Allan Good news. Much more visible to the eye now for people who want to book a holiday and there will be much more room.
Gaz Wright you will Glen Travel to go to the next Clydesdale Bank.
Gordon Mather Well done Glen Travel, I remember in the 70,s the business was roughly across from Forrest St on the Glasgow road, there was a Chinese carry out next to it called the Lucky House, I have the menu for it somewhere, will dig it out.

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