Category: Blantyre Crime

Cruelty to a Cat, 1919

Warning! This story contains narrative about cruelty to an animal! Read a your discretion. Andrew Dollochan was a miner, residing in Birdsfield Model Lodging-House, Burnbank, Hamilton. He was somebody the police often had their eye on and one day in August 1919, they absolutely WERE observing him! Andrew was observed mistreating a cat in Springwells […]

Pillaging Potato Fields

Since the railway strike began in Blantyre in 1919, there was scarcely a farmer in the High Blantyre district whose potato fields had not been mercilessly pillaged during the darkness of the night. In early October that year, things became desperate for some families who took to stealing crops, just to get by each day. […]

Senseless Vandalism, 1980

April 1980 saw an increase in the amount of vandalism all over Blantyre. One weekend, vandals broke into Blantyre Nursery Centre on Glasgow Road, which had been poised and ready to receive a huge modernisation and upgrade. They smashed windows, ripped toys and tore apart play equipment. They even killed the children’s goldfish by pouring […]