Stan Ean Paul, Rest in Peace

Tonight I received unwelcome news, which left me shocked and saddened. My fellow history colleague, fellow Friends of the Calder member and friend, Stanley Ean Paul sadly passed away on 31st March 2018.

I’ve only known Stanley for around 5 or 6 years meeting him for the first time in the original Friends of the Calder small group, but grew to know him very well.

I immediately liked his warmth and wit and there was a mutual respect there when it came to talking about history in the area. He was a very kind man and taking an interest in what I was writing, one evening donated copies of old documents of Greenhall and some of his photos to me, something which I appreciated sincerely. It would be quite common to be still standing talking to him in the carpark even an hour after the Friends of the Calder meetings had ended!

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I remember Stan coming over to my house on several occasions, and I always had to put the coal fire on and pull the seats closer. We sat drinking tea and he showed me photos of Greenhall, the estate his family once lived on, something he was very proud of.
I recall how much he liked going on holiday and travelling and I sat intently listening to  his stories of cars and which one he should get next!  He was very keen to talk about Greenhall when he saw I shared a similar passionate interest in the old house and gardens and many an hour passed by on that subject!
I know from his family, he was so pleased to see all the improvements taking place at Greenhall and for those people interested in his old stories of the estate. He enjoyed sincerely being part of Friends of the Calder.  I’m also glad he got to see the improvements taking place, which he was pleased about.
Stan let me in on a little secret once, something he did in Greenhall Estate with his older brothers, that has fooled many generations of people. He wanted to walk to the other side of the river to show me the orchards, something we never got round to doing. In January 2018,  we discussed embarking on a joint project in Greenhall Estate to uncover something forgotten and covered, but close to his heart, but he wanted to wait until he was in better health. Knowing the location, perhaps as a memorial tribute, I could finish that planned endeavour with some of the members of Friends of the Calder?
Stan will be sorely missed by many people. I will sincerely miss him.
His funeral takes place on Tuesday 17th April at 11:45 am at South Lanarkshire crematorium.
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Helen Lawson Taylor Sorry to hear about your friend paul .

Margaret Mary OSullivan Didn’t know him but this was a lovely tribute. Communities owe so much to people like him. Thank you, Sir and thank you for posting, Paul.

Jack Bethel Sad news indeed Paul. I met Stan through the Friends of the Calder too. Lovely tribute, thanks for posting.

Lesley Bethel What a lovely man he was. I’m so pleased I got the chance to get to know him, through Friends of the Calder.
He was interesting and interested and shared loads of stories of his years living in Greenhall estate as a young man. A sad loss to all who knew him, as well as his family.

Chris Ladds He was a pleasure to talk to about Greenhall after our visit to the meeting last year. A very interesting man with so many memories. This is very sad news indeed – rest in peace Stanley.

Rose Lee Very sad news RiP sir.

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Wish more
People like him.

Margaret Mcdade Thanks for posting Paul lovely tribute x

Betty McLean So sad to hear.

Elsie Chalmers A lovely tribute.

Margot Chisholm Sorry to hear of this sad news

Susan Lindner Such sad news. A valued member of our group, Friends of the Calder, who’ll be greatly missed ❤️

Valerie Paul Thank you for this, I know my Dad was so pleased he could share his enthusiasm and memories of Greenhall with you

Blantyre Project Valerie, you and your family are in all our thoughts. Take care .

Margaret Mary OSullivan Sympathy to his loved ones. Clearly a great man.

Louise Sharma What a great picture of him Valerie. Sending all our love xx

Alan Baird very sad news indeed

Sarah Parfery A lovely tribute

Jane Wass Such a lovely photo. You will be very sadly missed, Stan xx

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