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549386186.219296Sandy Wilkie shared this photo to Blantyre Project.

I’d say this photo is around 1908/1909. The person is the photo is Nina Mary Benita Douglas-Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton (née Nina Mary Benita Poore; 13 May 1878 – 12 January 1951.) Married in 1901, she went on to have 7 children in total.

The Duchess Nina Institute in the village of Quarter, near Hamilton was a gift to the villagers by the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton and was formally opened on 24 September 1910. My own grandmother spent her final days in that building, which was by then, a care home and I know some other elderly people from Blantyre lived in that care home too.

I can’t say I’m knowledgeable about this aristocrat lady, but this page tells a bit about her life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nina_Douglas-Hamilton,_Duchess_of_Hamilton

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Thomas Barrett Is that her who wanted the miners to build their homes underground save them coming to the surface?
Blantyre Project hadnt heard that story before.

Thomas Barrett Blantyre Project heard it years ago from a wise old man.

Ann Prentice I heard this story….so that the rich would never happen to see dirty men going home from work….
Ann Prentice Oh actually when I think about it …it was about building tunnels to link the mines …to the areas where the miners lived.
Jessie Caldow My Dad told me about this when I was young. He had been a miner himself before becoming a welder and blacksmith.
John Cornfield Ann Prentice this is the truth build tunnels so the wealthy did need to look at the filthy miners
Marianne Stark Aitken Jeezo 😡 really?
John Cornfield Aye Marianne Stark Aitken the truth dig tunnels so the wealthy didn’t need to look at the filthy miners
Frances Reid beautiful photo xx

Alasdair Gordon Sorry to hear that the Duchess Nina Home is in some difficulties.

Shirley Allan Baird Yes unfortunately it looks like it may be closing.
Marian Maguire Not one of them could do what these poor miners did.
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco I remember being told this . Also they made the miners in Bothwell walk in a road below the main road as well.
William Campbell My grandad was a miner still to meet a nicer man

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  1. Is the duchess nina care home open or is it closed..?

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