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20 January 2020
Exciting new book launch announced for “Blantyre People Vol 1” Read here

14 November 2019
High Blantyre Ladies Guild Presentation. I was invited guest speaker. Read here

19 September 2019
Asda Display boards with Blantyre Project wording! Read here

8 April 2019 
Monthly Magazine launched for Blantyre Telegraph! Read here

7 March 2019
Blantyre Project books in Malawi! Read here

2 March 2019 
Yeah! We’ve been awarded a smashing grant. Read here

8 December 2018
Read all about how our fundraising was distributed amongst the community in Blantyre during November.

9 November 2018
I’ve arranged a wee surprise for Remembrance. Everybody coming along to the history event on 11th at Priestfield Hall, the talk by Gordon Cook, will be given my Auchentibber book, entirely for FREE! Read more.

7 November 2018
Looking for your anecdotes! Read more here

20 October 2018
We’ve launched the Blantyre Toy Drive 2018 in association with partners, Glen Travel. Read more here.

16 October 2018
Blantyre books in China! Read here

22 September 2018
Twice in 1 week! Another article in the Sunday Herald, with quotes from Blantyre Project. Read here.

20 September 2018
Hosting Student’s Educational visit to Crossbasket Castle. Read here.

10 September 2018
What’s coming next in November, December and 2019? Read here

07 September 2018
Blantyre picks up the Silver Gilt award in the 2018 Beautiful Scotland Awards in Haddington. Blantyre Project played a small part representing heritage which scored the maximum it could! Read more here.

06 September 2018
Good luck to Blantyre in the Beautiful Scotland Awards tonight. Read here. Also, look out for Livingstone Pop-up Exhibition. Read more here 

01 September 2018
Blantyre Project books in Africa. Read more here

14 August 2018
Looking for local good cause suggestions. Please get in touch. Read more here.

09 August 2018
Was delighted to take part in the “Keep Scotland Beautiful” competition, representing history and heritage of Blantyre. Read more here.

31 July 2018
News about partnering with Livingstone Trust, my exhibit and archiving all this information! Exciting. Read here.

28 June 2018
Thanks to Book sales in June, funds raised amounted to £162 to buy the P1 & P2 pupils of High Blantyre Primary, EACH a free goodie bag to start their summer holidays. Read more here.

22 June 2018
Website migration is complete. All the old long winded domain names are now gone, replaced simply by Read more here.

Additionally, there’s a brand new Questions & Answer Module now uploaded and working on the “Requests” page, to better log, respond and archive Ancestry Requests, a popular feature of Blantyre Project.  Read more here.

Unread Posts are now marked with an “orange dot” showing which you’ve still to read. Also, from today, the Video Gallery Module has been activated showing videos throughout the website against related content.

18 June 2018
Website is being enhanced this week and may work intermittently between 17 – 25 June 2018. Read about the first enhancement here

12 June 2018
Read whats coming here to Blantyre Project in 2018!

11 Jun 2018
I’ve had simply the BEST time at the Blantyre Gala Weekend. So pleased to be one of the volunteers organising these events for the people of Blantyre, now for the 6th year in a row! Thank you to everybody who bought my books at the market too.

16 May 2018
Thank you to Crossbasket Castle for their latest bulk order of my book.

06 May 2018
I’ve renewed Blantyre Project website until 2028! Permanently online come rain or shine. Read more here

12 April 2018
I’ve arranged for some glossy guidebooks to be provided during the forthcoming history tour at Milheugh on 27th April. These were procured using funds from Blantyre Project book sales. Read here.

09 April 2018
Book launch is tonight! Read more here, “Glasgow Road – The Real Story” is available to buy on Amazon worldwide now! Also, announced, the NEXT book “Blantyre: Through the Flames” is out on 9th June 2018. Read here.

26 March 2018
Book launch, “Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” coming soon. Read here.

19 March 2018
Thank you to the Miners Welfare

23 February 2018
Read how our February book sales have benefited the community

10 February 2018
Some exciting news, following meeting DL Trust earlier this week. Read here

09 February 2018
New bookmarks have arrived. Read here.

29 January 2018
January book sales have been given entirely to 3 different causes. Read here.

28 January 2018
The charity event, Blantyre Oscars, which i organise, host and present each year is now prepared and voting opens today! Read more here.

20 January 2018
New Book cover has been designed! “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” is out in Springtime 2018. Catch a glimpse here.

07 January 2018
Getting 2018 off to a flying start, I have donated £120 to Bonnie Blantyre (the environmental group who make Blantyre more beautiful) and kick started the 2018 fund to improve the Glasgow Road festive lights by a further £235. This was made possible by amazing book sales on the lead up to Christmas. Thanks to all involved. Read more here.