Book Launch: Blantyre People vol 1

2020 Blantyre People Book Cover

Exciting news! I now have a confirmed book launch date for the next Blantyre Project book and THIS one is an absolute cracker! The first of several this year.

“Blantyre People: Honouring Our Past” is an epic illustrated book exploring the lives of THOUSANDS of Blantyre people through the ages.

It’s taken me NINE YEARS to write (yes you heard that right, I opened the draft in 2011), and I’m not exaggerating when I say it contains the stories of thousands of people. Being off work at Christmas and  January, ahead of my new job has afforded me lots of time to finally complete it. It’s now in final edit, spelling and proof reading.

From famous people like Dr David Livingstone to lesser known characters, to everyday people, this is a detailed A-Z “who’s who” of everybody who did something noteworthy to shape Blantyre into what we see today. It covers all individuals I’ve ever encountered in writing about Blantyre, people from the 1200’s right up to 2020, with permissions sought for more modern entries. It’s the ultimate Blantyre “Hall of Fame”.

Narrative is all, 100% my own words. Writing about Blantyre People is something I’ve always wanted to do, far more than any building or place. It’s great people who make Blantyre. I’m surprised nobody has done this before, so me being me, I tackled it on a grand scale! It’s by no means definitive of course, but its far more than a reference book, reading like a book with each entry interesting enough to draw in the reader.

From a few sentences about each person to longer stories over a page for each, at a third of a million words, its by far the largest book ever published about Blantyre, (even larger than my ‘brick’ size Glasgow Road book!). It is absolutely immense.

Need Your Help

To make it as best as it possibly can be, before pressing ‘publish’, I need your help. This is YOUR chance to add in a family member, somebody you know or even yourself! Want a loved one to be remembered in this book for future generations? Perhaps you know somebody who has done something remarkable past or present? Or just simply details about your family, eg. grandparent, parent or child you think should go in it?

Using a simple, quick form below, you can submit a few details which I’ll put into the book.  Examples are shown from the book below. I’ll edit so no need to worry about spelling, structure , grammar etc. Pictures are optional.

>> Include somebody you know or knew into this book:
Deadline for submissions is 9th February 2020.

“Blantyre People: Honouring Our Past” is out soon at the end of February 2020 and will be on sale on Amazon with free delivery worldwide.

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