Partnering with Livingstone Trust

As you may recall, Blantyre Project is working closely with the David Livingstone Trust regarding Blantyre Heritage, assisting with the Birthplace project, providing interesting exhibits and importantly, pursuing the preservation of Blantyre history in photo, film and words in a permanent manner.

Although the grounds and museum have been closed for a few months, good progress has taken place in the background. As the DLT staff progress the renovations with contractors, Blantyre Project has had some involvement in the plans for the future. Here’s a little update:


On 31st May 2018, the curator and learning Manager at David Livingstone Trust came to my home for a meeting regarding how Blantyre Project could assist the Birthplace Project. This was a productive meeting with lots of ideas shared to maximise the impact for future visitors to the exhibitions.

Recording the Relics

Natalie Moir, Curator for the museum told me recently, “We’ve made a start with the interpretation for the museum. The volunteers have been doing a cracking job so far filling in the gaps in the research and we are starting to make headway with figuring out the origins of our objects.” This is something I’ve taken a keen interest in, and in February 2018 provided origin stories and references for dozens of items on display, and where possible giving them background information as to how they each were donated and from whom. Sometimes, I admit I get stuck at objects that are untraceable. I’ve made myself available for the museum to continue calling upon any assistance they may need for this task, using all available subscribed resources I have, to their benefit at no cost.

Meeting Museums Galleries Scotland

At the invite of David Livingstone Trust, I am scheduled to meet a learner staff member at the Trust’s brand new offices. I will be working alongside this person in my spare time.

Popup Exhibition

David Livingstone Trust are organising a popup exhibition which will be on display in Blantyre for a time, then will go on a journey at various places of interest all over Scotland. I’ve been co-ordinating with Elena Trimarchi, providing historical stories relevant to the Shuttle Row area, using much of the research and information I’d previously prepared for The National Trust. Blantyre Project features in the popup exhibition. Wording for banner has now been agreed with photos provided back in May.

Recording Blantyre History

Longer term, all the posts, photos and films on Blantyre Project are being sorted into chronological order and being stored digitally, in a format that can be provided to David Livingstone Trust. This makes it more important than ever for information to be accurate and factual. All being well, when the museum re-opens, there should be room most likely in the renovated Africa Pavilion for Blantyre Project to be permanently accommodated in digital format somewhere that the public can easily access. An exciting prospect and legacy for many generations!



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