Ladies’ Guild Presentation


I was honoured to be invited along as guest speaker last Thursday evening at the High Blantyre Ladies Guild.

Over 30 women were my ‘captivated audience’ on Thursday 14 November at the June Stewart Centre as I screened “Blantyre – Through the Decades 1899 to 2009“.  Showing cine and photographs of Blantyre History from each decade, some of you will have seen some of these videos already online.

Judging by the comments and feedback at the end, they all enjoyed it immensely. The ladies were also given several of my Blantyre Project books for free, to give out as raffle prizes.

Fancy this show? Don’t worry! It will be screened for free in a little custom made “cinema” at the forthcoming Festive Event and is also scheduled to appear online in its entirety, all movies made, back to back on one evening in December.

Thanks to all the ladies, (including Sandra the hallkeeper) for their kind hospitality and interest.

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