What’s Coming Next?

With a look at 1979 Blantyre now complete, I’m next going to be jumping between 1967,1968, 1980 and the 1920’s in forthcoming posts.

Then, in early 2019, I’ll be dissecting the massive collection of Calderglen photos and artefacts [pictured] which was so kindly gifted to me earlier this year.

Also, some incredible old Blantyre previously unseen (and crystal clear) photos are coming soon from another massive collection given to me. I cant WAIT to show you some of the amazing things that were here in Blantyre in crystal clear clarity!

A wee surprise or two coming before Christmas too.

Now approaching 8 years online. Never missed a day, even through sickness or holidays. ALWAYS brand new, fresh, daily content and always 100% relevant to only Blantyre. Never repeated, with interesting Blantyre stories and photos researched for YOUR enjoyment. Blantyre Project is only just getting started….

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