Shott: Herald Magazine Article

IMG_7977The current ongoing sale of Shott House, High Blantyre is featured today in the Herald Magazine. Since the property has ground with granted planning permission, Shott House’s value has increased in recent years and is currently up for sale at offers over £695,000, perhaps surprising given the proximity to a huge new housing estate around it.

I was personally quoted in the article as ‘Blantyre Project’ and provided some of the history for the feature suggesting Shott Estate may be even older than 1609, but still agree Aggie Bains Cottage (Bardykes Cottage) is likely older as a habited property.

As a B listed building, Shott house won’t be demolished, but I would hope that the grounds are kept as they are within the walled garden and that this grand beautifully renovated old house, now four centuries old, doesn’t become an obscure feature within a small walled housing estate.

Thanks to A. Rochead for copy of the article, which I would have missed otherwise.

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