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I was absolutely thrilled at the end of July 2018, when brothers Archie and Hugh Simm informed me that 30 Blantyre Project books were distributed to various schools in Africa.

Archie kindly bought 30 books, which not only benefited local Blantyre good causes here directly, but the books ended up also helping others on the other side of the world.

Via Eduction Scotia Trust for Africa, they were distributed to various school libraries throughout Malawi and of course, including Blantyre, Malawi. Archie told me, “It is my hope that through your efforts, the people of Blantyre Malawi will get an insight to the origin of the city’s name and of the historical culture in which we were raised. “

Thank you to Archie and Hugh for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Pictured are the children of Chirwena Primary in Malawi, the picture courtesy of charity, Scotia Education Trust for Africa.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Lynn Anderson What a lovely thing to do.x
Blantyre Project Archie and Hugh Simm are such kind, nice men. They deserve much more credit for all they do and the support they’ve given Blantyre (and Blantyre Project.). They’re ambassadors for this town in whatever country they visit. Their generosity with frequent bulk orders for books have made such a welcome difference to several community ventures.
Lynn Anderson That’s great to hear well-done to them.

Betty McLean Two former neighbours from Beech Place, thank you for the good things you are doing to help others.

Etta Morrison Betty McLean nice to know Betty how kind our ex neighbours are..small cul de sac but nice families who stayed there xx

Etta Morrison Well done Archie.. might see you next time you’re over here..hope family is well xx

Ann Higgins Crossar Amaziing – proud to be related to Archie and Hugh (my mum’s cousins). Truly wonderful men. xx
Helen Lawson Taylor Great Archie and Hugh they will learn all about Blantyre and David Livingstone and maybe in years to come some of them will visit Blantyre .xx


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  1. About 12 months ago l began emailing my Uncle Archie and had the great pleasure of meeting him and Hugh after many years of lost contact in BLantyre SCotland. Although l know l have only scratched the surface of getting to know my two charismatic uncles l am so very proud to hear of their efforts to connect the two Blantyres on different sides of the world!

  2. I am so proud of my two brothers especially Archie who is so generous and never forgets his roots. We are all so proud to say we come from Blantyre and connected with David Livingstone. Our Livingstone Explorers within Livingstone Memorial Parish Church pay for the education of a wee girl in Malawi.

    1. Thanks Alice. They are top gents!

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