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Miner’s Wife run over by Engine

During February 1931, Mr. Frank Wilson was an unemployed miner, living at 45 Merry’s Rows, Blantyre. On Monday 9th February 1931, Frank and his wife were clearly finding things difficult when the wife ventured across Glasgow Road and the railway to Craighead, to the woodland, intending on gathering some firewood. She headed towards the bing at […]

Birdsfield Brick & Tile Works

Following text taken from forthcoming book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) The Birdsfield Brick and Tile Works (also known later as Birdsfield Tile Works and later again as Birdsfield Wagon Works), were once located where the former Alex Inglis Factory is, beside the EK Expressway. Craig and Wilson It is unknown when the kilns […]

Ronald Paterson Wilson of Parkville

Mr Ronald Paterson Wilson, son of Dr John Cowan Wilson, Parkville, Blantyre, was appointed Chief Constable of West Sussex on 1st January 1935. When the vacancy occurred Mr Wilson was living at his parents’ house (now, the front of the Parkville Pub) and in 1934 when he heard of the position, had newly arrived home to Blantyre […]

1897 Shuttle Row & Sanitary Conditions

I love this photo. A first online, this is Shuttle Row, Blantyre Works in 1897. If you had family living there, perhaps, this is some of them? 14 people line up outside one of the entrances, most of them children, barefoot. An everyday seen, the matriarch sits outside casting a watchful eye on the playtime. […]