Miner’s Wife run over by Engine

During February 1931, Mr. Frank Wilson was an unemployed miner, living at 45 Merry’s Rows, Blantyre. On Monday 9th February 1931, Frank and his wife were clearly finding things difficult when the wife ventured across Glasgow Road and the railway to Craighead, to the woodland, intending on gathering some firewood.

She headed towards the bing at the Craighead Colliery when returning from his wood collection, but was suddenly knocked down and run over a railway engine with four or five fully loaded wagons. Discovered quickly, it was at once apparent that  injuries were of a very serious nature, and she was removed immediately to the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Glasgow. However, the engine wheel had run over her leg on the track and sadly, her leg was amputated below the knee. Mrs Margaret Wilson was 62 years of age at the time this happened on that cold February day. (although the report suggests she was 60)

Following this story up, which appeared in the Motherwell Times, I found out that she was later reported that week still to be in a critical condition and had shown great courage when transported to the hospital. I wonder if any readers know of the Wilson family of Merry’s Rows and in particular, what happened to Mrs Margaret Wilson. Pictured is the general area of the accident in a map of the same decade and photo for illustration only.

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Anne Mackie what a sad story and such a hard life our ancestors had xx

John McArdle my mum lived in merry rows 1920s

Marian Maguire God help her, as if life wasn’t hard enough. My husband played with a Danny Moran when they were children, from cypress ave, his granny stayed with them, he think her name might have been Wilson. She was a very old lady with one leg.

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