Advert: Smiddy Inn 1950

An advert from 1950, this time for the Smiddy Inn. Clearly trying to attract the football crowds to the pub in Glasgow Road. In the 1950s, Mrs. Wilson was the owner. Can you remember the Smiddy Inn?

1950 Smiddy Advert wm

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Fairlie Gordon Remember it from the 60,s , drank in it in the 70,s
Anthony Smith While waiting for The Dookit to open,in the 60,s,my father used to have a couple of pints in there.I had to go and tell him when The Dookit doors opened.As a young boy,to me,the pub looked like a bit of a dump.
Hannah Mcaleenan sawdust on the floors
Thomas Barrett Great supporters bus.
Jim Brown One of the owners or managers had a stash of whisky hidden behind the wall panels-needless to say it was found and then very much spirited away. (so I’m told, can’t remember by who though)

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