1950’s Auchentibber Farm

Norma Marr has emailed me from across the Atlantic, enclosing some fantastic old Blantyre photos commenting, “I am attaching some images that we have of Auchentibber Farm and of the Wilson family that lived there. I hope they will be of interest and perhaps of some use if these wonderful buildings are ever restored. I’m not really sure what our connection to the farm is but it was important enough that pictures were taken.”

Pictured in the 1950’s is Auchentibber Farm. Mr and Mrs J Wilson and “wee Duncan” stand at the door of this working farm.

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Jim Cochrane The front of the house never had a very good view.
Janet Cochrane No idea who Duncan is. John Wilson died in 1959 his wife Margaret Struthers died in 1975 he was 63 she was 80. They had two daughters Margaret who died in 1997 and Jean who died in 2003 both unmarried and childless. The daughters were cousins of my mother’s cousins connected through the Struthers family

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