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Major John Ness, Blantyre

Researched by Paul Veverka. Words from the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” (c) 2017 **Update: Since writing this, I have revisited and now have a huge amount of expanded detail about John Ness, available in the Feb 2020 book, “Blantyre People” by Paul Veverka (c) 2020 During the late 19th Century […]

Stonefield Parish School

Stonefield Parish School    Monday 25th October 1875 was a monumental day for Blantyre. In previous years the Village school at Blantyre Works had been filled to capacity and throughout 1875, no less than two new schools were being built. The first being Stonefield Parish School (affectionately known as Ness’ School) located on the later […]

Glasgow Road 1906

  A wonderful colourised postcard from 1906, depicts Glasgow Road near the bottom of Victoria Street. Looking eastwards towards Hamilton, on the right is Annfield Terrace (in front of Hasties) and beyond it on the right is Stonefield Parish (or Primary) School. The photo celebrates the growth and development of Glasgow Road and shows the […]