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Greenhall Rifle Range – Distances

Continuing our look at the former Greenhall Rifle Range, High Blantyre. In September 1867, just 4 months after the Volunteer Corps Rifle Range opened, an article appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser describing a competition held there. It is transcribed here, the interesting part for me listing the target distances the competition aimed to fire at. […]

1950’s Ness’s School Photos

New schools photos keep coming in! Previously unseen online, Arlene Green has shared these two photos of her mothers which feature years 1951 and 1955 at Low Blantyre’s Stonefield Primary School, or more commonly known as Ness’s School. In the 1951 photo, Arlene told me, “Here’s my mum 6th from left middle row – Margaret […]

1918 Ness’s Primary School Low Blantyre

A previously unseen photo of Ness’s Primary school, on Glasgow Road, Low Blantyre, incredibly from 1918. Such a wonderful old photo has been donated and shared to Blantyre Project from my good friend, Arlene Green. (Arlene and I found out a couple of years back that we share common ancestry and distantly related.) Arlene told […]