1946 Stonefield Parish School

1946 Ness's School by Jack Owens wmJack Owens shared this lovely clear picture this week. Taken in 1946 are the children of Stonefield Parish School, affectionately known by some people as “Ness’s School.”

Always wishing to add a little more to a picture somebody shared, I can tell you Jack that this was Class 1 in 1946 and their teacher was Miss Neilson.

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Robert Stewart Three teachers in the ‘Wee School’, Miss Neilson, Miss Forrest & Miss Barr. Miss Neilson retired in 1958 from the Livingstone Memorial P. S.
The Blantyre Project thanks Robert. Thats a good memory!
Helen Grieve A lot of faces I recognise I’m surprised jack couldn’t give you names. I’ll have a think see if I can come up with some.
Elizabeth Weaver Miss Neilson was the infant mistress at Auchinraith Primary when I started in 1952. Same teacher?
Helen Grieve Ok here we go. Back row l-r Jean (I think that was her Christian name)Wright, ??? Gilbert Mooney, ??? Robert Campbell
2nd row last on the right is Margaret Campbell Roberts twin
3rd row 5th from right is John Fleming
Sorry that’s all I can put a name to they were 5 years ahead of me.
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin George Henderson. Do you recognise anyone ?
Liz Duncan My mum n dad went to Ness,s school round about that time x
Etta Morrison My brother was born ’40 was hoping to see him in it Sandy Gray..
Linda Gourlay So was my mum Margaret Brown she went to Nessies too with her sister Annie and brothers Jim and John (jock) does anyone remember them I wonder?
Caroline McDougall My mum was born 1938 and went to Ness’s. I’ll ask her to have a wee look.
Liz Duncan My mum was 1937 Caroline xx
Helen Grieve This class was born 1940/41 my brother sent it in and he was born in 41.
Thea Borland Mcnamee Ma mum was 38 as well caroline.xx
Isabella Johnston McShane Dad was april 1937..was prob in same classes at school liz
Anne Grogan My parents, aunt and sister went there. I remember part of the school in the 70’s.
Liz Duncan I noticed the date on the first photo was 1946 xx
Elaine Hunter What a great photo x
Elaine Hunter My mum went to Ness’s. She was born 1936
Christineb Bracken Pic of my dad and his twin. 😀
Caroline McDougall Ed Kellas ask your dad if he knows anyone in this picture xx
Catriona Paterson My mum back row 5th in from right Helen Paterson ( nee Hunter ) she was born July 1941.
Catriona Paterson My Mum Helen with her sister Frances and Brother James( Hunter )

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The Blantyre Project Thats a wonderful happy photo.
Gerry Morrison Brilliant etta. If we could only turn the clock back and have a wee look. Xx
Selina Fleming From John Fleming
From back row l-r Helen Wright Harry Smith, Susan Wright,Robert? Adams, Helen Hunter, Gilbert Mooney,?Hunter, Peter Rankin, Margaret Johnston, Robert Campbell, ? Agnew 2nd row ? ? ? June Reid, Helen Nicol(?)
(?) Hunter (?), Betty Gormley, Jean Clark, Margaret Speirs, Agnes O’Neill, Margaret Campbell, 3rd row Jim Berry, ? John Cunningham, ? John McCart, (?)Dunsmuir, Robert Mann, ? John Fleming, Nancy McCulloch, Jim Anderson, Mary Campbell, (?) Chisholm, 4th row Donald Glen, Peter McDonald, ? Gavin Wylie. Hope this helps
The Blantyre Project Fantastic Selina! Thats brilliant. Another Blantyre Project exclusive! I will update this post with names.

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