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Major John Ness, Blantyre

Researched by Paul Veverka. Words from the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” (c) 2017 **Update: Since writing this, I have revisited and now have a huge amount of expanded detail about John Ness, available in the Feb 2020 book, “Blantyre People” by Paul Veverka (c) 2020 During the late 19th Century […]

Stonefield Parish School

Stonefield Parish School    Monday 25th October 1875 was a monumental day for Blantyre. In previous years the Village school at Blantyre Works had been filled to capacity and throughout 1875, no less than two new schools were being built. The first being Stonefield Parish School (affectionately known as Ness’ School) located on the later […]

Hyland – St Josephs Headmaster

  From the Motherwell Times 20th November 1931. “At a recent meeting of the Teaching and Staffing Committee the County Council, it was decided that the name of Mr P Hyland, Shotts R.C. School, is be recommended to the Education Committee for the vacancy in headmaster at Blantyre St Joseph’s School. This appointment will ratified […]

Blantyre Schools Pre 1750

Many people in Blantyre will remember their old schools, most of which have been demolished in the last 40 years. Before the Primary and Secondary schools, you may even have heard of an old school existed during the 1800’s at School Lane, High Blantyre, or indeed at the Village works school near Monteiths Mills. At a general […]

1973 Charles Harvey the Lollipop man

I was recently contacted by the Hamilton Reference Library, who sent me this nice little story. Five hundred voices sounded a hearty “cheerio” at St. Blanes Primary School on Wednesday 10th October 1973. Pupils and teachers were saying goodbye to Lollipop man Mr. Charles Harvey when he retired after 15 years service. Mr Harvey who […]

1980 Peter Moncreiff & office staff

Pictured here in 1980 is the late Blantyre High Headmaster Peter Moncreiff along with the office staff ladies. I’m not sure what the celebration is , but it looks like they’re having a nice dinner and enjoying some “refreshments”. Thank you to Neil Scott for sending in this photo recently. Do you remember Peter Moncrieff […]