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Blantyre in Queensland, Aus

I love things like this! Blantyre Project reader, Helen Jackson lives in Queensland, Australia and having ancestry and family from Blantyre, Scotland she has called her house over in Australia,  ….”Blantyre“! Here’s the house sign which is proudly displayed outside, all those miles away. During the 19th and early 20th Century, Helen’s family, the Jacksons […]

Welcome Sign Anomaly

The “Welcome to Blantyre” sign at the north western end of Glasgow Road was refurbished in April 2013 for the bi-centenary of David Livingstone’s birth. Unfortunately the designers made a mistake in the sign (although not many people notice it).   The picture of David Livingstone is meant to be superimposed on a map of Africa as seen in […]

Renovation of Auchentibber Inn

The main photo of the Auchentibber Inn was captured in 1908 by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. Incredibly, the photo can be zoomed in to see some finer details. What is revealed is tells an important part of the story. J.B.H Struthers acquired the Auchentibber Inn from Flora McIntyre in the final months of the […]