Renovation of Auchentibber Inn

1908 Auchentibber Inn &menThe main photo of the Auchentibber Inn was captured in 1908 by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. Incredibly, the photo can be zoomed in to see some finer details. What is revealed is tells an important part of the story. J.B.H Struthers acquired the Auchentibber Inn from Flora McIntyre in the final months of the 19th Century. Flora had passed away and Struthers bought it from her estate, allegedly is a damp and deplorable condition.

At the same time as establishing the quoiting green in the Inns back garden, Struthers went about restoring the Auchentibber Inn. This must have happened between 1900 and 1908 at the time of this photo. Zooming in, there are multiple signs of his renovation work. New chimneys added to the gables, whereas there were no previously. Certainly an indication of new heating inside. The pristine concrete skews not the gables, complete with anti-climb security ironwork. The plaster around the chimneys looking brand new, as does the pointing work. The immaculate slates. The pristine and excellent main sign board above the doorway, all showing off the renovation and being a building fit for the 20th Century. The sign is noted as “Auchintibber”, an older spelling of the name, and one less commonly used today. Modern street signs refer to the area as “Auchentibber” as do recent maps. Amazing clarity to the photos. I could have zoomed in even further on them!

Struthers was a successful innkeeper and is certainly the Inn’s most famous proprietor. This is no disservice to Miss Flora McIntyre, the previous owner, for having researched her life in detail, she was certainly an accomplished businesswoman. Struthers landlord/barman was Bob Souter. Struthers passed away in January 1938.


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  1. Was Auchentibber Inn located in the building which is made now a house at the corner of Auchentibber Road at Sydes Brae?

    1. No Christine. The Auchentibber Inn is completely demolished. Although a similar looking building was (and still is) currently next door to the site.

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