2014 Welcome to Blantyre

2012 Welcome Sign by RDS

2012 Welcome Sign by RDS

Here’s the “Welcome to Blantyre” sign.

Photographed here in 2014 by Robert Stewart, the sign was erected in 2012, a year ahead of the 200th anniversary of Livingstone’s birth. There are a few of these dotted around the town, most noticeably in Glasgow Road.

I’m glad to see they are faring well, still standing and not vandalised.


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  1. I should also have mentioned that you speak of a “few of these dotted around the town”, this WAS true, there WERE a few of the original ones around town, one was at the eastern end of town across from the Robertson’s Ginger Factory. But all have fallen into disrepair and have disappeared, except this one that we managed to save.

  2. Well done Brian to you and Bert. I only recently heard this story.

    1. I have just noticed another small error in the dates mentioned.
      My paperwork shows that it was not refurbished until April of 2013, the actual year of David Livingstone’s Bi-Centenary.
      There was an error made in the refurbishment of the sign. Can anybody spot it ?
      I have photographic evidence of this error if you are interested !
      I would also like to know if anyone knows when the original sign was erected. I remember it from the early 70s but I am sure it is older.

      1. Thanks Brian. I’m sure there is a cine existing showing the green and black Livingstone sign being present in the late 1950s. I’ll try to find it.

  3. Brian Charlton (Chairman of Priory Bridge Residents Association)

    The “Welcome to Blantyre” sign shown in your photo was not actually erected in 2012, it is actually the original frame from many years ago that was still there, although the wooden surface had rotted away. It was myself who came up with the idea of refurbishing it, but it was turned down by South Lanarkshire Council. I then got in touch with Councillor Bert Thomson and we both wrote many letters and e-mails and finally got the sign refurbished. It is kept graffiti free by myself and a local resident who lives next to it. As soon as any graffiti appears, one of us cleans it off immediately, so the vandals now tend to leave it alone.

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