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Caldergrove vrs Bardykes

On the 4th July 1872, a dispute arrived in court between the Blantyre estate of Bardykes and the opposing estate over the River Calder, of Caldergrove. The dispute centred around the river itself which formed the boundary between Blantyre and Cambuslang Parishes and clearly the matter couldn’t be resolved by neighbourly discussion. Safe to say […]

Blantyre in Queensland, Aus

I love things like this! Blantyre Project reader, Helen Jackson lives in Queensland, Australia and having ancestry and family from Blantyre, Scotland she has called her house over in Australia,  ….”Blantyre“! Here’s the house sign which is proudly displayed outside, all those miles away. During the 19th and early 20th Century, Helen’s family, the Jacksons […]

Causewayshott Place (Douglas Place)

   Causewayshott, Causewayshot or ‘Causeway Shott Place’ was a former 2 storey tenement situated between Walker’s Building and the Westend. Its location today would be in the front gardens of modern Cloudhowe Terrace.    Original constructors were J&J Walker (joiners of Larkfield) who in 1876 acquired the land from Mr. Jackson of Bardykes. Initially 6 […]