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Quoiting Green 1909 Part 3 of 7

  Referring to a little souvenir booklet from 1909 written by the workers who created the Auchentibber Quoiting Green and surrounding gardens, these words describe the vision and events leading up to the creation of the lovely gardens. “A Theory in Practice – About 10 years ago (1899), Auchintibber Inn came into the market and […]

The Village Bar Blantyre – A History

I was surprised to learn nobody has ever written about the history of the Village Bar, so continuing my detailed look at Blantyre’s Pubs, I decided to write up an article. The Beginnings The Village Bar can be dated back to 1785, a time when Monteith’s were building the Blantyre Works. The new gated community […]

Renovation of Auchentibber Inn

The main photo of the Auchentibber Inn was captured in 1908 by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. Incredibly, the photo can be zoomed in to see some finer details. What is revealed is tells an important part of the story. J.B.H Struthers acquired the Auchentibber Inn from Flora McIntyre in the final months of the […]

Flora McIntyre & The Auchentibber Inn

I was recently looking at the history of Auchentibber Inn, Auchentibber Road on the upper, southern side of Blantyre. The Inn is often described as being the property of J.B Struthers. However, I wanted to tell the story of its former and initial owner, Miss Flora McIntyre. The story is in my own words. I hope you […]