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James Beith Harrison Struthers

Mr. James Beith Harrison Struthers, or commonly known as JBH Struthers. Born on 31st January 1875, at 18 Caledonian Road, Wishaw, his father was also called James B Struthers and his mother was Mary Ann Harrison. He had several female siblings. Famously, owner of the Auchentibber Inn, which he bought in the latter half of […]

Renovation of Auchentibber Inn

The main photo of the Auchentibber Inn was captured in 1908 by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. Incredibly, the photo can be zoomed in to see some finer details. What is revealed is tells an important part of the story. J.B.H Struthers acquired the Auchentibber Inn from Flora McIntyre in the final months of the […]